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Projek USP gempur 89 kawasan atasi jurang digital
JUN 03, 2002, Berita Harian, Khairul Anuar Samad
Five firms bid for Malaysia's 3G mobile licences
MAY 29, 2002, Reuters
Probe into 'not up to date' info via SMS
MAY 20, 2002, The Star
Heart of Convergence
MAY 20, 2002, The Edge - Special Focus on Telecommunications, Karamjit Singh
PM: Use bonds to fund communications networks
MAY 17, 2002, Bernama
MCMC: Convergence of mindset a big challenge
MAY 17, 2002, Yvonne Chong, The Star
Framework for development
MAY 16, 2002, New Straits Times
MCMC to hold open day at regional offices
MAY 10, 2002, Bernama
Big plans for World Telecoms Day
MAY 09, 2002, H. Amir Khalid, The Star
USP Fund: Local telcos to contribute by year end
MAY 07, 2002, New Straits Times
RM 30 juta untuk percepat pelaksanaan USP
MAY 07, 2002, Berita Harian
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