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MCMC: Beware of calls from 'govt officers'

01 Jun 2022, New Straits Times

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) reminded the public to be wary of calls or SMS from those posing as officers from government agencies or numbers that appear to be from public offices or departments.

It advised the public not to panic when receiving a call or SMS from an unknown number.

"Instead, take it easy. Hang up the call and ignore the SMS. Never follow the instructions of the caller or SMS sender."

"Do not disclose your personal information to callers or SMS sender and challenge the caller to verify the information," it said in a statement, here today, following growing reports of people being conned by Macau Scam operators.

"Also share your experiences with family and friends so that they will stay vigilant and do not fall victim to anonymous calls and SMS."

"Those who have fallen victim to these scams are urged to immediately report to the police or refer to the CCID Scam Response Center at 03-2610 1159 or 03-2610 1599."

It also called on those getting such calls to take down the details of the caller or sender of the SMS (including the number line and name) for records.As a final step it urged those who received such calls and SMS to report them together with the details to the police for further action.

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