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6,640 websites blocked since 2008

25 Jul 2013, New Straits Times

INAPPROPRIATE: They contained pornographic and malicious content

THE Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has blocked 6,640 websites since 2008.

Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Jailani Johari said the blocked websites contained either pornography or malicious content or infringed copyrights.

"As of June this year, the commission is investigating 29 cases of websites with questionable content."

However, Jailani said, the ministry preferred the educational approach in encouraging Netizens to self-regulate the content that they post online.

He said this was because of the expansive nature of the Internet, which made it impossible to control the contents of personal websites and blogs.

"Although the government feels that there should be no Internet censorship, it does not mean that people can post seditious or malicious things online, especially those that can create disunity," he said in reply to a question by Senator Abdul Shukor Mohd Sultan during questioning at Dewan Negara.

Shukor wanted to know if the government planned on censoring websites and blogs that carried defamatory content against the government and royalty.

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