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Klik Dengan Bijak

06 Jul 2012
“Klik Dengan Bijak” Campaign

The rapid development of communications technology and multimedia as well as the positive growth of broadband penetration throughout the country feared will be affecting the value of Malaysian nation’s cultures if immediate steps are not taken to nurture positive internet use based on National Principles. The skyrocketing rate of cybercrime threat is also a worrisome issue but then through effective enforcement and educational-based approach towards the mass may able to reduce the statistic.

Among the proactive actions taken by the Commission is initiating a Public Awareness on Internet Safety Campaign with ‘Klik dengan Bijak’ (“Click Wisely”) as the main theme which aiming for safety, security and responsibility.

Target Audience
The campaign is targeted at those people most vulnerable to the threat of cybercrime especially the children, youth and parents and guardians.
Main Message
The essential message of the campaign is centered on National Principles which is encompassing the life of every Malaysian regardless of their age and background. Acculturation of National Principles in the daily internet use will be educated through various activities and initiatives organize by the Commission.
Furthermore, this campaign will be in conjunction with “Kempen Budi Bahasa dan Nilai-Nilai Murni” serves as an essential component in line with National Policy Objective under Communication and Multimedia Act 1998.
Through this campaign, it is hoped that the positive development of broadband usage not just can be used to generate the national economic growth but also beneficial in maintaining Malaysian values based on the National Principles.

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