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Annuar: Three new telco towers to be built on Pulau Bum Bum

10 Sep 2022, The Star
SEMPORNA: Three more telecommunication towers will be built on Pulau Bum Bum to ensure that the entire island receives broadband Internet access, says Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

He said the island already has nine telecommunication towers, and the construction of the new towers, which involves Kampung Gelam-Gelam, Kampung Singgahmata and Kampung Tabunan, must be completed before the end of next year.

"There needs to be 12 towers here because this island is big. The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), please ensure that it is completed immediately without delay. I want it to be ready before the end of 2023; the sooner, the better.

"When these new towers are completed, it will help solve the problem of broadband coverage faced by villagers,” he said in his speech after inspecting the telecommunication tower in Kampung Kabimbangan, Pulau Bum Bum here.

He said in the future, the villagers also need to take advantage of the improved Internet access to increase their families’ income.

"We should not use the Internet just for phones and WhatsApp alone...the villagers must make economic activities better because, through the Internet, goods on Pulau Bum Bum can be sold all over the country,” he added.

Annuar also asked the MCMC to open another Keluarga Malaysia Digital Economic Centre (PEDi) on Pulau Bum Bum to help young people and villagers get involved in rural and digital economic activities.

"When the 12 towers are completed, and there is a PEDi, the people here will be introduced to new and latest technologies and, in turn, be able to increase their families’ income. This is my gift to Semporna,” he said.

Annuar also suggested that an anti-litter campaign be implemented to protect the waters in the district.

"The sea is a treasure given by God; please do not pollute it. If it is polluted, it will affect our sustenance and the beauty of this place, and in the end, visitors do not want to come here.

"Do not just wait for the government. Non-governmental organisations and village heads can launch this anti-litter campaign,” he said, while expressing hope that the people of Semporna can preserve and protect the beauty of the area, a popular tourist spot. - Bernama

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