The Commission has been entrusted to promote the following policy objectives for the postal services industry:

  • To safeguard the provision of affordable and quality universal service;
  • To promote the growth of a competitive and innovative postal services industry;
  • To establish Malaysia as a major global centre and hub for postal services;
  • To regulate for the long-term benefit of the user;
  • To promote a high level of consumer confidence in service delivery by the postal services industry;
  • To ensure the security of postal service industry workers and the security of postal articles and the postal network;
  • To respond to the technical, economic and social environment and needs of consumers; and
  • To ensure fair competition amongst the parties involved in the postal services industry in Malaysia.

Effective postal and courier services which meet commercial and social needs of the country are important to both competitiveness and social cohesion. Hence, the Government of Malaysia is committed:

  • To promote a vibrant postal and courier market;
  • To promote an efficient Post Office network to meet the country's present and future needs;
  • To promote greater access to postal services for its population by creating a conducive postal regulatory and development policy framework; and
  • To promote a modern and ubiquitous postal and courier service network that results in excellent service quality and innovative products by industry players.
The National Postal Strategy (NPS) sets out a roadmap for the development of postal and courier sector in Malaysia for a period 2010 to 2014. It lays an aggressive and coherent development agenda which is designed to meet the changing needs of customers, marker and operating environment driven mainly by the information revolution, globalization and changing economic climate.

The NPS was officially launched by the Deputy Minister of Information Communications and Culture Malaysia, YB Dato’ Joseph Salang on 9 October 2010 in conjunction with the World Postal Day celebration in Kuching, Sarawak.
The postal and courier sector - an essential component of the Malaysian economy.
To drive the development and growth of a robust postal and courier sector in line with the economic and social needs of the nation.
NPS is engineered on five thrusts:
  • Sustainable Universal Postal Service
  • Improve Service Quality
  • Improve Productivity
  • Foster Industry Growth
  • Enhance International Development
National Postal Strategy - Full Document

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