Compliance & Enforcement

Register Of Standards

Technical Specification for Wireless
Revision No.
Amateur Radio Equipment
Land Mobile Radio Equipment
Short Range Devices (SRD)

Register Of Communication Equipment 

  1. Certified Communications Equipment by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd.

Register Of People Who Comply With The Standards

Register of General Operator's Certificate Holders
This register contains the list of persons who possess proficiencies in any designated skill area as stated in the Communications and Multimedia (Technical Standards) Regulations 2000 and have been certified accordingly by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission through the certifying agencies. The designated skill areas are divided into 2 categories:
Radio Operators
Non-Radio Operators
Register of Non-Radio Operator

Register Of Certifying Agencies

Certificate No.
Serial No.
Issued to:
Valid from
Valid until
CA 0001 CP/001/2002 Telekom Malaysia Berhad  15 Jul 2002 14 Jul 2003 New Appointment
CA 0002 RO-001/2003 Akademi Laut Malaysia 3 Sep 2003 2 Sep 2004 New Appointment
CA 0003 CE-001/2003 Sirim QAS International Sdn Bhd 3 Sep 2003 2 Sep 2008 New Appointment
CA 0004 CP-001/2003 Telekom Malaysia Berhad 26 Jul 2003 25 Jul 2005 Renewal
CA 0005 RO-001/2004 Akademi Laut Malaysia 3 Sep 2004 2 Sep 2005 Renewal
CA 0006 CP-001/2005 Telekom Malaysia Berhad 26 Jul 2005 25 Jul 2007 Renewal
CA 0007 RO-001/2005 Akademi Laut Malaysia 3 Sep 2005 2 Sep 2006 Renewal w/o Cert
CA 0008 RO-001/2006 Akademi Laut Malaysia 3 Sep 2006 2 Sep 2007 Renew

Competition Practices

The sections of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 dealing with general competition practices prohibit:

  • any conduct by any licensee which has the purpose of substantially lessening competition in a communication market;
  • arrangements and practices which provides for rate fixing, market-sharing and boycott of a supplier or competitor; and
  • mandatory tying or linking arrangements regarding the provision or supply of products and services.
The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has, to date, published guidelines which clarify the meaning of "substantial lessening of competition" and "dominant position".


The primary function of enforcement is to conduct investigation upon receiving reports relating to the commission of offences under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA), the Postal Services Act 1991 (PSA), the Digital Signatures Act 1997 (DSA) and the relevant subsidiary legislations.

The objective of the investigation is to ascertain whether or not the offender has committed the offence and also to gather sufficient evidence on the offender. After the investigation is completed, the investigation paper will be submitted to the Deputy Public Prosecutor for his decision on the appropriate action to be taken on the case investigated by MCMC.

Effective enforcement carried out by MCMC is to ensure the rights of the licensees, investors, consumers and the public are always protected and the confidence in communications, multimedia and postal services are maintained at all times.

Enforcement Actions

List of Cases Investigated in

List of Cases Compounded in

List of Prosecutions in

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