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Fast Track Process To Resolve Access Issues In High Priority Areas

03 Mar 2021
In ensuring better services to the citizens, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has developed a fast track process to resolve access issues in high priority areas.  This arises from recent complaints received from consumers that communications services in some high priority areas are delayed due to prolonged commercial negotiations among service providers.

This initiative, coupled with the implementation of JENDELA, is to ensure that consumers have access to communications services that are of high quality in a timely manner. This is particularly important with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic where consumers, businesses and government are heavily reliant on communications services to conduct their daily affairs. 
In the identified high priority areas, MCMC instructs service providers to promptly resolve commercial negotiations within 10 business days.  In the event that these issues are not resolved within the stipulated timeline, service providers are required to escalate the issues to MCMC for resolution.  MCMC will make an assessment on the matter and may issue a direction to service providers to comply.  The decision made by MCMC is binding.
The high impact areas identified by MCMC are as follows:
  1. Federal and State government administration centres;
  2. Transportation hubs (such as MRT stations, airports and train stations) and the transportation lines (such as railways and highways);
  3. High economic impact areas (such as industrial parks and economic corridors);
  4. Identified government projects under RMK-12;
  5. JENDELA projects;
  6. High priority areas identified for 5G deployment; and
  7. Areas where there are exclusive providers.
The licensees had been informed earlier. This fast track process will take effect immediately from the issuance of this statement. Service providers are required to escalate the issues for resolution to MCMC with relevant details, in electronic form to .

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