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Nine months' free Internet access for 30 People's Housing nationwide from April

06 Feb 2023, New Straits Times
BUTTERWORTH : Come April, some 30 People's Housing Projects (PPR) nationwide will have access to the Internet under the National Digital Network (JENDELA) 2.0 initiative. The move is set to benefit some 53,000 occupants from 13,218 units, who are mainly in the B40 group. 

They will enjoy free access to the Internet at a speed of 30 Mbps for nine months, after which special Internet packages at competitive rates will be offered to them.

Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming said, for now, some 27 of the 30 PPRs in the pilot project, had already obtained access to the Iinternet.

"We hope all 30 PPRs will have access to the internet by April. All this is subject to approval from the relevant authorities. This is an important initiative because the Internet speed is a mandatory component, especially when we develop the gig economy, and more so the work from home phenomenon is fast becoming a trend among workers.

"In the past, we do not see PPR units having access to the Internet. But this morning, we witnessed how delighted the PPR families here are, whereby the router not only reaches their block but to each of their units.

"With access to the Internet, we are confident that students will no longer face problem to study at home and do their homework online.

"This shows that the welfare and wellbeing of the rakyat is the main priority of this unity government. And we will do our best for the people, irrespective of race and religion," he said during a visit to the Taman Bagan Jaya PPR here today.

He was at the Taman Bagan Jaya PPR here to monitor the Internet facility. Some 1,488 occupants from 382 units will be the first to enjoy free access to the internet for nine months come March.

Elaborating, Nga said in terms of cost for each house, the government and PRIMA had provided a subsidy of RM1,700.

"We actually subsidise RM1,700 per household. Each house will get a free package for nine months. This is a present or 'ang pow' for the rakyat living in the PPR. We see this as a proactive initiative that is centered on the people's needs. This is a good start and we will continue to do it.

"PRIMA will start out with more initiatives, including the rebranding of this programme, and we hope to bring more cheer to more people, especially the lower income group. They will not be neglected. They will be treated fairly," he added.

Nga said RM22 million had been set aside for all 30 projects nationwide.

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