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MCMC advices public to stop spreading video clip involving electrocution of three siblings in Tumpat

19 Dec 2022, Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 19 — The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has advised members of the public to stop viralling the video clip of three siblings being electrocuted after their house was flooded in Kelantan today, so as to respect the privacy of the family.

In a statement today, the MCMC said stopping such action will also give room to the authorities to carry out a thorough investigation into the incident.

The MCMC said the commission will also take proactive measures by taking up the matter to the attention of service-providing platforms like Meta, Twitter and TikTok to curb efforts to viral the incident.

The commission also advised social media users to lodge a report about the sensitive content of the incident because such contents are not suitable for public viewing.

In the incident, Noor Fathiah Mohd Nadzir, 27; Sakinah, 29, and Nurul Syazwani, 33, died of electrocution at the place of incident at 11.30am while walking in their flooded house at Kampung Bendang Surau near Morak in Kota Baru.

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