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365 Credit Validity: Extend your prepaid credit lifespan

01 Dec 2015, CFM Portal
365 Credit Validity is a mobile prepaid package offered by mobile service providers in meeting the needs and requirements of certain segments of the prepaid customers. It was first introduced in 2008 and stretches the total mobile prepaid credit validity lifespan to up to 365 days. Currently, the normal mobile prepaid packages in Malaysia offer credit validity periods of 30 days for a RM30 top-up amount and customers are required to reload to be able to make use the credits, eg. making outgoing calls or sending SMS.

With 365 Credit Validity, you are stretching your mobile prepaid lifespan to a total of 365 on both credit validity and prepaid validity. Currently most prepaid validity periods are of 90 days or less after your credit expiration before the line is permanently terminated. • Stretch your prepaid amount balance over a longer period • No longer need to make calls merely to finish up your balances before your credit expiry • Stay connected for long without the hassle of monthly top-ups • Gives you 365 days of credit validity for a small fee against a year long of credit top-ups to keep it active • Keep your phone line active for a longer period

• This is good for those looking for a prepaid service with no monthly fees and minimal top-up commitments.
• If you are a heavy user and have been topping up regularly, this isn’t a solution for you.
• If you just require a line to stay active for receiving calls or simply isn’t spending as much as a usual prepaid user, this 365 days validity is worth a try.

It usually requires a minimum balance before activation. (Please refer to chart 2 below)

Usually with a minimum fee deducted from your credit balance, once activated, it allows the customer to make and receive calls for the entire 365 days. Thereby enabling full utilisation of prepaid credit balances within the period. Customers now can enjoy uninterrupted service over the 365 days.

Note: There are other things to look out as well. Depending on the package, usually top-ups made within the 365 days period will not extend the existing validity period. HOW DO YOU GET IT? The 365 Validity Service is available through most mobile cellular service providers and comes packaged with various other benefits. Just ask to switch on to the 365 Validity Plan. Find out more from your local mobile dealers or log on to to find out which package fits your needs most.

Source : CFM portal
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