Open and Guided Research Related to a Digitally Connected and Informed Society (Digital Society)

Similar to the 2020 DSRG, the research sought seeks to build an evidence base addressing knowledge and understanding gaps in the two research focus areas of:
  1. Digital Citizenship and Cyberwellness; and
  2. Digital Inclusion
Funding will be focused on a combination of 16 open research themes and guided research titles aimed primarily at addressing internal knowledge gaps or at illuminating important issues affecting society and providing knowledge to external stakeholders and society at large.​

Please click on the respective titles below for further information on gap area, targeted research subjects, research problem and context together with desired research aims and objectives.

List of research related to Digital Citizenship and Cyberwellness 
  1. User Rights and Protection for Subscribers of Telecommunications Services through the Provision of an Automatic Compensation Framework
  2. Understanding the Behavioural Aspects of Cyberbullying and Interventions for Victims, Perpetrators, Parents and Stakeholders
  3. Impact and Efficacy of Mandated Public Service Announcements
  4. Understanding the Co-relationship between Internet and Mental Health
  5. The Level of Preparedness of Organizations and Employees on Network Security for Remote Office Environments
  6. Challenges of Emerging Big Data Applications: Privacy vs Security
  7. Managing Privacy in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled World
  8. Communications and Multimedia (C&M) Industry Compliance Competency Gap Analysis
List of research related to Digital Inclusion
  1. Free-To-Air Television (myFreeview) Viewership in Sabah and Sarawak
  2. Study on Malaysia’s Ecosystem Compatibility and Envisaged Technologies for 5G by Regulation and Standardization Bodies
  3. Study on Sectoral Policy Readiness to Catalyse 5G Adoption in Malaysia 
  4. Internet Access, and Accessibility: Challenges and Potential Interventions in Adopting the New Norms
  5. An Impact Study of Pusat Internet Komuniti (PIK) and their Role in the Digital Inclusion of Community within the Pusat Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Residences
  6. An Impact Study of Klik Dengan Bijak (KDB) Programme
  7. An Impact Study of Malaysian ICT Volunteers (MIV) Programme
  8. Mapping and Tracking of Malaysia's National Digital Policies and Plans vis-a-vis the ASEAN Digital Masterplan 2025
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