Communications Equipment

Certification Of Communications Equipment

All communications equipment which are required to be certified shall be certified by the Commission or its registered certifying agency in accordance with the Communications and Multimedia (Technical Standards) Regulations 2000.
The equipment shall be certified by way of:
  1. Compliance approval; or
  2. Special approval
Special approval application
Special Approval certification may be granted for equipment which is to be used exclusively by an individual or company limited to the following usage only:
  1. For personal or company's own use
  2. For trials, market surveys or demonstration of equipment which uses network connections;
  3. Exhibition purposes without network connection;
  4. Research and development; and
  5. Training.
The certification process for Special Approval may be exempted from the requirements for lab tests or field tests and the certification may be based solely on a paper evaluation.
Depending on the purposes of the importation, equipment which is granted a Special Approval certification may be required to be re-exported out of the country or disposed of after the expiry of its validity period.
Criteria for application
The applicant may apply Special Approval from MCMC or its registered certifying agency based on the criteria listed below:
1. Equipment which meets Class Assignment Registered certifying agency
2. Applicant with Apparatus Assignment for the equipment
(Personal / Company / Licensee)
Registered certifying agency
3. Vendor with authorization letter from licensee Registered certifying agency
4. Demo / trial / R&D / exhibition / training which requires Apparatus Assignment  MCMC
Equipment which does not meet the terms and conditions of the Class Assignments subject to the following conditions:
  1. Operate inside a shielded room or chamber;
  2. The frequency range can be tuned to follow Class Assignment;
  3. No frequency transmission; or
  4. Other conditions (to be specified)
6. Importation of TVRO or other specialized equipment MCMC

Criteria of evaluation
1. Applicant End user of the equipment / company authorized by the end user
2. Product / Equipment
  1. Type of equipment
  2. Brand and model
  3. Quantity
  4. Purpose of usage
  5. Frequency band
  6. Maximum power limit (EIRP)
  7. Period of use
  8. Location of installation
  9. Re-export / Permanent
3. Document
  1. Special Approval Application Letter
  2. Special Approval Application Form [SDD/SA-F02]
  3. Technical specifications / brochure with the operating frequency and maximum radiated power (EIRP) for each model
  4. Copy of Apparatus Assignment / Letter of Notification
  5. Proposal paper (for trials, market surveys, demonstration or R&D)
4. Supporting Document
(if applicable)
  1. Letter of undertaking not to transmit the frequency
  2. Supporting letter by end user
  3. Supporting letter from organizer of the exhibition
  4. Relevant Test Report
  5. Copy of invoice or pro-forma invoice
  6. Other supporting documents
Special Approval Process
No. Condition Duration of Process
1. Submission with complete documentation 10 working days
For the certification of communications equipment under the Special Approval by the Commission, the applicant is required to submit the following:
  1. [SDD/SA-F01: Template Special Approval Application Letter];
  2. [SDD/SA-F02: Special Approval Application Form]; and
  3. [SDD/SA-C01: Checklist for Special Approval Application].
  4. [Communication Equipment Information]
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