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The National Postal Strategy sets out a roadmap for the Malaysian postal and courier sector 

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EESAT - Extensive End-Point Service Availability Testing

Overview of Quality Issues

Performance of the market in terms of quality is monitored through the existing quality of service frameworks for the mobile telephone service and fixed line service as established in the REG 001 and REG 002. The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission conducts Extensive End-point Service Availability Testing or EESAT twice a year to ensure compliance with set standards.

Quality of Service for mobile telephone service and fixed line telephone service is monitored through the standards set in the existing REG 001 and REG 002, to ensure that service providers maintain the minimum standard requirements. These guidelines were established in 1997 and measure service levels including network efficiency, coverage and complaints.

A review of the requirements of REG 001 and REG 002 is being undertaken which will take into account the introduction of new services introduced since 1997. The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has also put into effect mandatory stardards. Failure to meet these standards can result in a fine or imprisonment.

Quality of Service Fixed Line Telephone Service

The following quality of service reports for fixed line telephone services are submitted every half-yearly as required under the REG Q 002 framework. The QoS objectives below refer to the minimum required standard or level the should be attained by each operator in respect of each particular test.

Intra Network QoS:
  1. Installation time
    Parameter QoS Objectives
    Installation time 70% in less than 24 hours
    80% in less than 48 hours
  2. Service reliability
    Parameter QoS Objectives
    Service reliability Less than or equal to 500 faults reported per 1000 lines per year (equivalent to or less  than 1  fault per line in every 2 years)
  3. Service restoration
    Parameter QoS Objectives
    Service restoration 80% within 24 hours
    90% within 48 hours
  4. Dial tone delay and Post dialling delay
    Parameter QoS Objectives
    Dial tone delay(start dial signal delay) 95% of call attempts in less than 1 second
    90% within 48 hours
    Post dialling delay 95% of call attempts in less than 10 seconds
  5. Call connection within one operator's network
    Parameter QoS Objectives
    Call connection within one operator's network Average subscriber-trunk-dialling congestion of less than or equal to 3%, calls experiencing technical faults of less than or equal to 3%
  6. Billing complaints
    Parameter QoS Objectives
    Billing complaints Accuracy less than or equal to 2% of billing complaints found to be wrongly billed
    Time to resolve billing dispute >70% up to a maximum duration of 14 days, and 90% up to a maximum duration of 30 days
  7. Operator assisted services
    Operator assisted services
    telephone fault reporting centre 80% of calls answered within 10 seconds
    telephone assisted national call 80% of calls answered within 10 seconds
    directory inquiries  
    telephone assisted international calls 80% of calls answered within 10 seconds
    emergency calls- 999  
  8. General Customer Complaints
    Parameter QoS Objectives
    General Customer Complaints Less than 50 complaints per 1000 line per annum
  9. Inter Network QoS
    Parameter QoS Objectives
    Post dialling delay 95% of call attempts between two different operators‚ network should be less than 13  seconds
  10. Call interconnection between different operators
    Call connection between two different operators‚ network:
    QoS Objective
    Parameter QoS Objectives

    Average subscriber-trunk-dialling congestion as viewed from Point of Interconnect (POI) of less than or equal to 3%

    Call experiencing technical faults of less than or equal to 3%

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It is the quality of the human capital that will determine if we can meet our aspirations of achieving a high value, and high income, economy by 2020. As we progress towards becoming a developed nation, we must do our part to equip fellow Malaysians with the skills and knowledge to succeed as a productive member of the knowledge-led economy.

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Malaysians are now more exposed to the various media platforms than in previous years. As the authority and custodian of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, Postal Services Act 2001 and Digital Signature Act 1997, the Commission’s functions and responsibilities are becoming increasingly more apparent and significant.

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