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SKMM is the regulator for postal services in Malaysia.

The Postal Services Act  2012 seeks SKMM to ensure the high quality conveyance of Postal articles and to protect the interest of users of postal services.

The National Postal Strategy sets out a roadmap for the Malaysian postal and courier sector 

to maintain the relevance of the sector in the overall development of the nation.

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Certification & Certifying Agencies

Communications and Multimedia (Technical Standards) Regulations 2000
  • Regulation 14 - “All communications equipment which are required to be certified under these Regulations shall be so certified.”
  • Regulation 27(1)  - "No person shall undertake or conduct any activity in a designated skill area unless that person is certified."

Scope of Certifications

  1. Communication Equipment;
    • Electricity Safety
    • Electromagnetic Immunity & Compatibility
    • Network Interoperability
    • Wireless
    • Light Wave Apparatus
    • Cabling Facilities and Systems
  2. Proficiency of designated skill area;
    • Radio Operator
    • First Class radio electronic certificate
    • Second class redio electronic certificate
    • General operator's certificate
    • Restricted operator's certificate
    • Amatuer radio operator's certificate (Class A and Class B)
    • Non Radio Operator
    • Cabling provider - customer's premises
    • Cabling provider - network
    • Communications equipment 

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has issued a notice to exempt certification for certain types of communications equipment for holders of amateur radio operator's certificates (Class A or Class B).
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Certifying Agency (CA)

Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA '98) section 186

"The commission may register certifying agencies or classes of certifying agencies, including agencies outside Malaysia, for the purposes of certifying compliance with codes or standards."

  • To process applications of certifying agencies or classes of certifying agencies both inside and outside Malaysia, audit and the management of their performance, as well as the development of Certifying Agencies and the supporting approved Test Labs structure. 
  • To develop standard application and test set up and procedures, recording system, certification mark control with the CAs. 

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It is the quality of the human capital that will determine if we can meet our aspirations of achieving a high value, and high income, economy by 2020. As we progress towards becoming a developed nation, we must do our part to equip fellow Malaysians with the skills and knowledge to succeed as a productive member of the knowledge-led economy.

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Malaysians are now more exposed to the various media platforms than in previous years. As the authority and custodian of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, Postal Services Act 2001 and Digital Signature Act 1997, the Commission’s functions and responsibilities are becoming increasingly more apparent and significant.

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