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'Klik Dengan Bijak' is the programme designed to inculcate the culture of positive use of the Internet that is based on the 


principles of the Rukun Negara amongst Malaysian users.

The logo or tagline used serves as a reminder to users to be careful and to think before they access and use the Internet.

The National Postal Strategy sets out a roadmap for the Malaysian postal and courier sector 

to maintain the relevance of the sector in the overall development of the nation.

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Consumer Satisfaction Survey

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission regularly conducts independent assessments to gauge consumers' perceptions of the quality of communications and multimedia services. Consumers are requested to rate the various services offered according to their perceptions and based on their experience in using the services, according to the criteria set by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

Based on the results the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission is able to qualitative rate consumer impressions, and their perceptions of the quality of services offered by different service providers. The Consumer Satisfaction Survey is structured in such a way that it enables the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to make comparative analysis of the services offered by different service providers. Initially the Consumer Satisfaction Survey was only confined to telephony and broadcast services, but since 2002, it has been expanded to also include analysis of postal services.

The Consumer Satisfaction Survey recognises the fact that adherence to technical standards alone is an insufficient measure of the quality of service. Intrinsic quality and perceived quality are two different things especially as consumers are becoming more demanding and informed about the choices available to them. Here the focus is on perceived quality - the customers' perception and experience. In some ways this measure is a subjective one.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission conducts the Consumer Satisfaction Survey two times a year.

Below are the latest and past results of the Survey.

Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2015
Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2011
Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2010
Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2009
Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2007
Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2006
Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2004
Consumer Satisfaction Survey Wave VI,Oct-Nov 2003
Consumer Satisfaction Survey Wave V,March-May 2003
Consumer Satisfaction Survey Wave IV,Sept-Oct 2002
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It is the quality of the human capital that will determine if we can meet our aspirations of achieving a high value, and high income, economy by 2020. As we progress towards becoming a developed nation, we must do our part to equip fellow Malaysians with the skills and knowledge to succeed as a productive member of the knowledge-led economy.

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Malaysians are now more exposed to the various media platforms than in previous years. As the authority and custodian of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, Postal Services Act 2001 and Digital Signature Act 1997, the Commission’s functions and responsibilities are becoming increasingly more apparent and significant.

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